Introductory post

This is the first post in my first blog. As a native Portlander, I thought why not start with Portland. This is a great city (town). It’s becoming a city and experiencing all the growing pains that come with that. Rising cost of living, traffic, crime, etc. etc. Through it all Portland manages to shine. Lots of great outdoor spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, an amazing attitude toward environmental stewardship.

The proximity of Portland geographically to nature is second to non. 60 miles to Mt. Hood. 80 miles to the beach (that’s the ocean to non natives). Drive east on interstate 84 for 80 miles and you will travel through a Rain Forest and end in a Desert climate. Go south on I-5 and travel through the most fertile farm land in US. We grow the best hops in the world( even though not as much as years past). And most important Beer! With 52 brewery’s Portland has more then any other city in the world. Yes even more then any German city. Unlike a lot of US city brewery’s most of ours actually make palatable beer.

In the future I will pick one topic and focus on it in a post. Some will be “right” Portland and some will be “wrong” Portland. I’m looking forward to receiving feedback through comments, for or against


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